Creation Hospitality Segments Itself as a Premier Supplier in Quartz Vanities

As a Major U.S. Manufacturer of Custom Hotel Vanities, We Can Put the WOW Back Into Your Hotel Bathroom

For decades, the beauty of adding interior stone surfaces to a hotel, resort or any luxury property has been synonymous with the brand itself. At first glance, in the inside of any hotel bathroom, the vanity, mirror, tub and walls play an integral part of a hotel traveler’s room experience. However, as brands have continued to evolve over time with new designs, layouts and interior finishes, quartz surfaces on guest room table tops or bathroom vanities have become a popular product in the hospitality industry.

Eric Fong, President of Creation Hospitality, states that the benefits of using such a product are endless. Completincreag a total of well over 100 hotel renovations and new construction properties in 2014, nearly more than a third of these projects placed new quartz vanities in their hotel bathrooms, replacing all other bathroom top substitutes. Eric Fong describes the benefits of using quartz for hotel bathroom vanities and even to cover guestroom furniture, as follows:

“Quartz is a manmade product that is comprised of 90-93% crushed quartz. The composition is a perfect product for use in high-traffic commercial real estate, such as hotels, gaming and resort properties. The stone surface is a non-porous product, making it relatively resistant to stains from acidic foods, such as lemons, wines and juices. The same holds true for spills from coffee and cosmetic products, which often disfigures other types of countertops. As a mineral, quartz is an incredibly difficult product to scratch, making it more durable than much softer surface products such as formica, marble and other engineered acrylic products. In addition, the product is able to prevent mildew and other bacteria from being absorbed into the stone. Over the years, quartz has offered a diverse spectrum of colors, ranging from bold to light tones, along with colors that have patterns and even texture in some cases.”

Since its founding, Creation Hospitality’s specialty has always been creating custom wood bath cabinetry and custom metal bath vanity bases. The company continues to adapt, setting new trends in the ever-changing hospitality industry market place. With new innovative bath vanity designs that are shaping how travelers are enjoying their in-room experience at various hotels, Creation Hospitality has branded itself as one of the country’s largest vanity suppliers to hotels, resorts, mixed-used projects, timeshare developments and gaming properties.

Creation Hospitality has worked with numerous 4- and 5-star hotel brands, including Starwood, Marriott, Hilton and InterContinental Hotels Group. They are also listed as a preferred vendor with numerous hotel chains and are a part of a number of pre-designed guestroom packages, created by the parent hotel companies.

Creation distinguishes itself by sourcing high-quality solid wood bath cabinetry products, metal and cut-to-size stone tops at competitive prices, directly from their factories in China. Each product is inspected before shipping to their three major distribution centers in the San Francisco Bay Area, to ensure that the highest product quality standards are met.