Millwork and metal vanity designs for full-service

Hotel Bathrooms Set New Standards in the World of Luxury

Creation Hospitality specializes in providing custom millwork and metal vanity designs for full-service and luxury hotel applications. Over the past few years, the increasing number of lodging properties with tired and obsolete bathrooms inspired Creation Hospitality to develop new products to meet market demand.

In February 2016, Creation Hospitality formed a strategic partnership with J Black Design. John Black, company creative director and founder, has created some of the most compelling and iconic furniture pieces for a number of highly recognizable projects in the world. A master at his craft, John Black collaborated exclusively with Creation Hospitality in designing new bathroom pieces in neo-classical, mid-century, transitional, and more contemporary designs which can be used across all hotel brands and hotel types. These designs can be utilized in a wide range of locations and applications including new construction, brand conversion, and even historic property renovations.

When asked about this exclusive partnership between his design firm and Creation Hospitality, Mr. Black replied “I endorse and work with companies who truly ‘tell the right story’ for the work that I wake up to do every morning. The moment I spoke to the founder of the company, Eric Fong, I knew we could build a story through our designs to be at the pivotal forefront in enhancing the hotel guest experience.”

Eric Fong has worked with Gensler and HBA, among other notable design firms on several 4-star and 5-star renovation and new construction projects for Marriott and Hyatt in the U.S. When asked about partnering with one of the world’s most respectable designers, his answer was simple; “it was time.” Mr. Fong added

“There are lots of manufacturers in the market who can create the typical ‘programs’ that you see at hotels. We feel that our custom work is what helps distinguish us as one of the best in the industry.”

Hotel owners planning guestroom renovations typically begin with the bathroom. “We realize that there has always been a growing need for owners and operators to find and implement unique designs that create value for the hotel guest, adding a sense of openness in spaces that are limited in size. These extraordinary designs and products are the result of our collaborative efforts, and will instant elevate the guest experience.”

Shiva Hotels, an owner of Hilton and Marriott properties in the U.S., spoke confidently saying “We use Creation Hospitality for all of our hotel projects because we are all about going custom in designs with our renovations or new-build assets. Travelers need to be ‘wowed’ when they walk into one of our properties and have a unique experience from our competition across the street. Creation Hospitality always delivers the best products for my hotels.”

More information on these designs and products can be found on Creation Hospitality’s website, under the J Black Collection.